strength endurance session

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strength endurance session

Postby alert20 » Jun 29, 2008 13:47

I’m trying to design a muscular endurance session using mainly free weights for 3 times a week. This is in preparation for possibly taking up a martial art. Is the following ok?

Squats//Front Squats
Bench press
Seated rows
Shoulder press
Lat pulldown/Chin ups
Close grip bench press to skull crusher
Leg Press

Adductor pulldowns(only on 2 ME sessions)

This would initially be performed for 2 sets 20 reps with 30-50% IRM?
Is it best do to this as circuit training?
How long should the rest interval between sets and circuits be?
How should I progress?Will I get the reps up to 30 then up the weight again?
I believe the no. of exercises should be 4-8.
How many exercises for upper/lower body?
If I have 7 or 8 should I stick to 3 leg exercises and 4/5 upper body?

If I also plan to do 1 max strength session, 3 aerobic sessions (2 HIIT and one steady state).
Max strength session will involve 5/6 compound lifts,
2 sets each 8 reps then up weight for 5 reps for 3 weeks

Then every 4th week 5 reps then up weight for 3 reps

How should I arrange these in a week and at what intensities?
I posted in the planning and control of training section but with no reply.
But the question was based more on 2 max strength session and periodizatio.
Please someone reply to this.
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