Adductor Flies and Adductor Pulldowns

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Adductor Flies and Adductor Pulldowns

Postby agd7235 » Jun 30, 2008 22:43

I have been searching with little success for information concerning Adductor Flies and Adductor Pulldowns. In parituclar, I am looking for something on the web with pictures or video illustrating how these exercises are to be performed with proper form.

Thus far, I have not been successful. Can anybody direct me to resources with the needed information?

Thank you.
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Re: Adductor Flies and Adductor Pulldowns

Postby tyciol » Oct 10, 2008 23:38

There are some great demonstrations in Kurz' 'Secrets of Stretching' video I think it's called. Basically one is pulling a pulldown with your leg, the other is lying on your back bringing legs as far to the side as comfortable and back up.
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