Lying leg raises - how much weight?

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Lying leg raises - how much weight?

Postby John D » Apr 14, 2010 22:16

Hi all - new here :)

Wasn't really sure what section this question should be posted in......

Can someone give me an idea what kind of weight i should be lifting in lying leg raises by the time i get to Mr Kurz's recommended 30 reps?

I am 5' 8" and weigh 65Kg with a build that most would describe as 'wiry'.

i've read 'Stretching Scientifically' and watched the DVD, and read 'Sports training', as well as having read quite a bit of material from Mr Kurz's site. But i have really no idea what kind of weight i should be aiming at with leg raises - 2kg? 10Kg?

Thanks for help
John D
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Re: Lying leg raises - how much weight?

Postby tyciol » Jun 07, 2010 12:21

I can't remember if he gave a specific weight, it was something like that's the rep range when you hit higher weights, I understand the confusion about what higher is though.

One thing we also need to keep in mind is whatever range of motion we use. Even when we get to being able to do adductor flies with heavier weights there's probably still value in going back to lighter ones (or even no weight at all) just to see what kind of range of motion we can achieve.

In some cases, we may get a larger RoM unweighted since our muscles are strong enough to bear the weight in that stretched position with bad leverage (a 180 split would have the worse leverage). Then again, some people get more RoM with something to pull them into that position, so I am not sure.
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