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Postby ibzan » Jun 30, 2011 02:33

Dear Mr. Kurz,

I am trying to get into a full squat, I can get half squats very easily by the way. I cannot get any deeper from parallel squats. Why do you think this might happen to me? Can you give me reasons why I cannot do a full squat?! I mean by full squats that the shins should be vertical and my knees not passing the tip of my fingers.

Is it better to do the squats quickly or should I be doing them in a slow pace. First time I did them with controlled going down and up, and I could feel the difference the next morning.

Please inform me if you can help me with this.

Have a great day,

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Re: Squats

Postby cailifo » Jul 01, 2011 04:33

What type of squat is this- body weight with feet spread about shoulder width? If so, lowering all the way down takes a certain amount of calf flexibility. To strengthen, doing these slowly with full stops at the top and bottom is most beneficial. However, if you can't go down very far, work on your calf flexibility.
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