Strength trainning for abductor muscles

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Strength trainning for abductor muscles

Postby Fabian Barrera » Aug 20, 2011 14:37

Good day Mr. Kurz.

I have a little question. I'm following the core strengthening program, now i'm working my lower back (good mornings) and cannot start with adductor exercises yet. My question is: Can i start strengthening the abductors with exercises like the Side Bridge Hip Abduction or the Angled Side Bridge Hip Abduction with high number of repetitions, or should i wait until it's time to start with adductor exercises and combine them with abductor exercises?

Thanks in advance.
Fabian Barrera
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Re: Strength trainning for abductor muscles

Postby Thomas Kurz » Aug 20, 2011 15:35

To decide whether you are ready for the thigh adductor exercises use this rule:

"Before you attempt to do any number of adductor flys you must be able to do, without any discomfort, the same number of lying leg raises with the same amount of resistance. At the beginning you use no resistance (besides the weight of your legs), then use ankle weights, and eventually—if you want serious strength in the adductors—the iron boots.

"If in doing adductor flys you have difficulty keeping your legs in a transverse plane (in relation to the vertical axis of your body), it means that your hip flexors are too weak. If your lower back comes off the floor while you do adductor flys—it is too weak. If your lower back tenses uncomfortably while you do isometric stretches for the legs, or any other exercises—it is too weak."

As for the thigh abductor exercises:

If your lower back does not tense uncomfortably while you do those exercises, or any other exercises—it is strong enough.
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