Do hip flexor exercises reduce hip flexibility?

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Do hip flexor exercises reduce hip flexibility?

Postby REG » Oct 13, 2011 18:40

Hello again. I have been doing some thinking, and I am concerned as to whether or not hip flexor exercises such as sit-ups, lying leg raises, hanging leg raises, etc. reduce hip flexibility. I am most concerned about sit-ups because that particular exercise seems to very much resemble either sitting most of the day at work (or studying) or exercising on a bicycle, while exercising the Iliopsoas and other hip flexor muscles. I already know that being sedentary throughout most of day everyday or riding a bicycle a lot will indeed reduce hip flexibility (especially in the Psoas major, minor, and iliacus muscles), since neither one of those situations allow full extension of the hips and thighs. Lying leg raises and hanging leg raises seem to be better than sit-ups for hip flexibility, but those exercises still do not seem to permit the full range of extension of the hips. I have diligently checked all of Mr. Kurz's articles in the newsletter section, columns, Q&A's, etc. for the answer to this question, but there doesn't appear to be an answer for it. I need someone to please help me out here in clarifying this matter as I don't know what to do.
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