500 sit ups

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500 sit ups

Postby Antonis » May 06, 2012 02:13

hi everybody,
I have started the conditioning programm that mr. Tom Kurz describes in the 19th installment of his column. Yesterday, I did 3 sets of 30 crunches and 3 sets of 30 sit ups. I did them in a moderate pace and tried to keep best form. Generally, I am in a good shape, I have body fat under 9% . So, after I finished the sit ups I thought that I will need many many months to reach the 500 sit ups number and start good morinings and deadlifts. From your own experience , how long does it take to to build the 500 sit ups ? Did you all waited to reach that number and after that started good mornings and deadlifts and back extensions with weights as Tom Kurz suggests? I just want to make everything right so later on I have no doubts in the future. Thanks a lot...
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