Where do the numbers come from?

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Where do the numbers come from?

Postby Dean » Aug 21, 2005 23:20

I was reading column 24 and I was reminded of a question I had. I've read talk of 500 sit-ups before going on to more advanced hip flexor (iliopsoas) exercises, added weight of 1/3 your body weight doing back extentions before going on to general leg exercises, your body weight (or twice your body weight) in squats before going on to adductor exercises. I'm just curious about where these numbers come from? Do they come straight from research presented in peer referred/reviewed journals? Are these numbers in the journals themselves or do these numbers get translated from research done on muscle cells and tissue in a lab? I'm not doubting the numbers, I'm just curious as to how Mr. Kurz (or whoever came up with them) arrived at the numbers. Mr. Kurz cites a lot (perhaps the same ones ad nauseum) but I don't think I've seen him cite sources for these numbers. Perhaps he does and I just haven't read the column or book yet. Perhaps he cites them in his "Science of Spots Training". If some knows where these numbers come from, would you please let me know. Thanks.
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