Differences in muscle strength across the body

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Differences in muscle strength across the body

Postby iaincmm » Feb 23, 2006 12:59


In terms of kicking I have noticed that my left side is weaker than my right side. In brief I prefer an orthodox lead (I am right handed) but the muscles in my hips and side on the left side are definately weaker than the counterpart ones on the right and as such I do not have the same degree of power or height when kicking with my left leg. However although I can kick higher and with more power with my right leg my left leg is definately quicker in terms of delivery of a kick. Anybody found this? Can anyone recommend appropriate exercises so that I can start working on these differences?

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Postby dragon » Feb 24, 2006 07:06

Whilst it is always advised to work both sides equally,you will always have one side stronger than the other.
To use boxers as an example:-they don't have to be concerned with kicks(which is technically and physically harder to throw than a punch) but it is still rare to see a fighter who shows no preferance over which stance they use.
Even if both sides were equal in strength,the lead will always appear weaker as it has less distance to travel to the target.

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Postby DanBor » Feb 24, 2006 07:16

If you have left lead and kick better with right leg its actually good thing (at least in kickboxing) because you can throw good combination with your punches and end it with a knockdown kick (right leg).
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