Training Kids like Adults

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Training Kids like Adults

Postby brian41 » Jan 25, 2004 22:26

Mr. Kurz:

What is your opinion about stair climbing training for pre-pubescents?

As part of a tae kwon do sparring class, the instructor had the kids, aged 7 years old through 12 years old run up and down 5 flight of stairs for a total of 11 reps. This was done after a 75 minute class.

If I understood Mr. Drabik's correctly, pre-pubescent's do not have a well developed anaerobic energy system. Although the kids were not strong enough to run up the stairs with enough speed to make the runs anaerobic, the exercise did not seem to be sports specific either.

The objective of the runs appeared to be a conditioning exercise, as well as develop mental toughness.

Shouldn't the kids be training their two energy systems through short sparring bouts with adequate rest intervals? This would keep their technique sharp and not decrease speed.

Does it make sense to train kids like adults?

Could repetitive stair running injure growth plates?

Would Drabik agree with this approach? Shouldn't technique, movement, and agility/coordination be the focus at this age group?

Thanks in advance.


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