200 Press ups before training session?

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200 Press ups before training session?

Postby MJ » Mar 19, 2006 07:32

I read somewhere in one of Thomas' articles that good martial arts clubs make their students do 200 press ups before training.

I was wordering do they try to push for as many as they can in least amount of sets? I was wondering because I do 150 press ups most days but in sets of 25, if I increase it and try to do as many as I can I get burnt out quite quickly and dont get near 150.

If anyone has advice or can tell me if Thomas was talking about 200 press ups in 1,2,3 or 4 sets it would be much appricieated.
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Postby strangedejavu » Mar 19, 2006 16:29

He meant that they do pushups after, not before, training. He was talking about sets of 100, but if you can't do that, you of course have to work up to it. It should also fit in with your weekly workout schedule (i.e. don't do 200 pushups on Monday if you plan to work on maximal strength in the bench press on Tuesday).

You don't want to wear yourself out before you do skill training. You learn what you do and if your body's worn out, your movements won't be as precise and skilled as they could be. In fact, if you're ever having a bad day and you're fumbling around on skills that you can normally do well, you would be best off throwing in the towel before you learn bad habits. That or go off and let your mind relax for 20 minutes or so and try again. This probably applies to any skill, athletic or not, that involves coordination.
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