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Postby backinjured » Jun 04, 2006 13:59

Are Lunges the best exercise for leg strength?

As you probably know I'm suffering from knee pain. However, with all the exercise I've done in the past two months, it's getting better and better. I was walking and cycling a lot. I didn't have time to do any special training program. Most of the time I was too tired from those two simple exercises, so I didn't have the energy to do any other workout. But now, I would like to train my legs in a different way for, say, the next three months.

I really like bodyweight training but I want to do at least three or four strength exercises with weights maybe once or twice a week. Deadlift is one of my favourites! I'll look for some exercises to build myself a bigger upper body and I want something for the legs. Would Lunges be the best choice?

I've heard Lunges can be dangerous for knees? that it's a very risky exercise? Is that true?

Does this exercise work on all of the leg muscles?

Would you have anything better to recommend me?

Oh and yeah I said I'm looking for some exercises to build my upper body. If I would like create muscle mass in the upper body (especially arms, lats, chest), which two or three exercises would you recommend?

Thanks a lot
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Postby dragon » Jun 05, 2006 05:31

Lunges can be as dangerous as any other exercise if the technique is incorrect.

I'd say the main cause of injury to the knees during the lunge is due to the knee of the lead leg travelling beyond the front of the foot.The knee should be directly over the foot when in the lunge position.

There is a difference between building strength and mass.

Deadlifts can build amazing leg strength but due to there being no or limited negative phase of lifting little mass will be gained.

For mass,the squat is potentially the best exercise.

For upper body work,chin ups with palms facing you affect the lats and biceps.Rows of various kinds will build the back.Bench presses will build the chest.

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