strength and endurance.

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strength and endurance.

Postby jukado1 » Mar 20, 2004 02:14

For self-defense/ martial arts training one of my favorite drills is something i call "strength and endurance", it's a form of circuit training using running in place, trying to keep your knee's at least waist high, jumps, pulling knee's up as high as possible. sit-ups, push-ups, mountain climbers/up and down drills, leg lifts, and any other exercise i can come up with that serves a purpose, 1st to improve one's fitness, and 2nd to work on moving the body as in various self-defense situations. Example, running in place, then drop in to push-ups, simulating some one swinging a club toward the back of your head, forcing you to drop forward to avoid it, as your on the ground, your attacker goes to kick you in the head, so to avoid their kick you flip over to your back and do sit-ups,thus avoid the kick, from there as they kick again you jump up and start running in place to avoid there kick. so you combine exercise and self-defense in one drill, for a class this can be done just like the game, Simon says.
good luck, Train Hard, Train Smart.
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