speed in kicks

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speed in kicks

Postby Little_Dragon » Apr 05, 2006 15:50

How can I improve my kicking speed?will dimanic stretching help?what else should I do?
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Postby dragon » Apr 06, 2006 05:56

A lot of trainees have slow kicks due to insufficient strength.Your leg weighs more than your arm so kicking takes more effort/strength to execute clean and fast than a punch does.
Overall conditioning and fitness will definatley help.Focus mitt drills were a partner calls kicks for you to throw will help speed as well as balance(due to the fact you'll have to be ready to throw a different kick as soon a s one has landed) and timing.

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Postby mmeloon » Aug 08, 2006 12:46

In addition to strength, good technique is important as well. For example, the video Power High Kicks with No Warm Up emphasizes that in doing the front kick you need to raise your bent leg up high and snap the lower leg out only at the very end. Many people raise their leg in a half-extended fashion which results in slower kicks. In addition, if you "telegraph" your kicks then your opponent will be ready for them, no matter how fast they are. And as discussed in the taichi thread in this same section, relaxation is very important as well. Relaxed muscles are much faster than tense ones.

I don't think that dynamic stretching will help with increasing speed too much unless you are very inflexible. I think your best bet is increasing strength and improving technique as dragon and I suggest.

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