Am I wrong? (probably)

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Am I wrong? (probably)

Postby quicksylver3 » Oct 30, 2005 00:59

I have been told that you can do cardio workouts (aerobic is the same thing, right?) everyday. I was also under the impression that it should be done every day to get benefits. Is this thought process all wrong, or did I interpret it wrong? Should it alternate between say running monday, swimming tuesday, running wed... etc? Or is it just aerobic 2 days out of the week? While I am up for a solid improvement on my training program, it feels like I'm being lazy when I run only 2x/ week. Thanks for any advice!
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Postby dragon » Oct 31, 2005 06:38

I think it depends on how much aerobic capacity you need for your chosen sport.Not everyone needs the same.
For example,my cardio training was a lot different in the off season compared to when i had a fight coming up.

I do think everyday is probably too much though.

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