Most overworked muscle?

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Most overworked muscle?

Postby Levant1 » Apr 03, 2005 20:55

What is the most overworked muscle in the body?
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Postby Kit » Apr 04, 2005 00:44

I am not sure what you mean by overworked...(overworked meaning it is used too much which is not good)
perhaps you mean worked? (used the most)
I mean, the heart for example is a muscle that constantly works (while you are alive)...yet if overworked, it would not be a happy picture! (heart attack?!)

Anyway, I have no real idea as to the answer to your question, but perhaps it would be the stabilizers of the spine (abs and back muscles) as they are constantly working to hold your body up and in position..

Anyone else?
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Postby dragon » Apr 04, 2005 05:32

I'd say the same.

If you mean which muscles do athletes intentionally overwork/abuse,then i think that would depend on the sport the individual does.
For example,a martial artist may overwork their legs in an effort to perform better kicks,a bodybuilder may want bigger biceps and overtrain those.

Whichever muscle is being overtrained though it still has an effect on your recuperative strength/general health.

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