Specifity of balance training?

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Specifity of balance training?

Postby Wudan » Feb 08, 2006 07:50

Does balance training carryover from one discipline to another? For example, if I do balance training with slacklines, will my ability to maintain balance improve in, say, grappling, or would it be necessary to do balance training that resembles grappling?
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Postby dragon » Feb 09, 2006 06:35

Not sure what slacklines are but i imagine balance has to be sport specific.
For example,a grapplers balance(i assume you are refering to avoiding takedowns) can be improved by maintaining a low centre of gravity.This wouldn't help a kicker to maintain balance whilst executing a spinning kick though.

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Postby mat » Feb 09, 2006 12:59

I don't have any natural balance (meningitis destroyed my balance and hearing) but I compensate with sight and feel. Even so, static balance is extremely difficult for me.

Balance while moving (dynamic balance), as in spinning kicks etc is completely different and I have no trouble with this.

Holding a kick out while standing on the supporting leg is a nightmare for me, I hop and wobble all over the place, despite having trained for 12 years.

I bought an inflatable balance ball a few weeks ago, I'm getting some good results with it - I try and stand on it at least once a day while watching TV. Its a great exercise as wobbling about on it works a lot of inner muscles! I've moved onto trying to stand on it with one leg. Seems to be making a difference.

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