Training for spinning kicks

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Training for spinning kicks

Postby Ted » Mar 09, 2004 02:06

Hi guys,

I'm now almost a brown belt in kempo. I've started training to do the spinning crescent kick and spinning hook kick.

the problem is that I get extremely dizzy when I do such kicks. I'd say 4-5 kicks in a row is the best i can do, after that I'm reallly gettin dizzy.

I was wondering if there was any way to avoid this problem. Should I train more? Is it because I'm sensitive to motion sicknes disease?

Can sombody doing Taekwondo advise since I know you guys do a lot of spinnning kicks.


Training for spinning kicks

Postby Thomas Kurz » Mar 17, 2004 19:56

Yes, you should train more and you are right, being dizzy after spinning kicks has to do with sensitivity to motion sickness. The cure is to practice spinning (kicks are not necessary) every day. Spin once or a few times in one direction and then try to walk on a straight line and as upright as you can. Then spin in the opposite direction and walk again. Then try to spin in alternating directions, say from one to three spins in one direction followed immediately by spins in the opposite direction. Usually after spinning in one direction, during your walk you will lean in the opposite direction and perhaps even stumble because of the “counter-rotatory reflex.” People who do lots of spinning, such as discus and hammer throwers, neutralize this reflex and can walk straight after spinning.

You can simply spin around or spin like you are supposed to for the spinning kicks, with the step across your center line, keeping eyes on your target as long as possible during the spin (dancers call it “spotting” from the spot you fix your eyes on), with the proper torque of the body, etc. The correct method of learning how to spin for the spinning kicks is shown by Mac Mierzejewski on “Power High Kicks with No Warm-Up!” ( ).

To reduce sensitivity to motion sickness try spinning with your head held down (neck flexed and chin on chest) or to the side (toward one shoulder). It can be done on a spinning chair, but a spotter is necessary as after such spinning people can fall off the chair.
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