Stretching Routine

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Stretching Routine

Postby SimonMT » Aug 25, 2008 17:24

Sunday to Friday Morning

3 x 12 Frontal Raises
3 x 12 Lateral Raises
3 x 12 Leg swings from outside to inside.
3 x 12 Trunk Rotations
3 x 12 Side Bends

Also using that as my warm up for Muay Thai as well, which is on a Sunday, Monday and Thursday

Warm down after Muay Thai would be Isometric Stretches.

3 sets of side splits. Go down as far as i can, tense my inner thigh for 6 seconds, relax and go down a little more, tense for 6 seconds and relax, and keep doing this till i can't go down any further and then tense for up to 1 minute. Doing this with a couple of minutes between sets. Doing exactly the same with forward splits. Similar thing with Trunk rotations and then finish off with ab stretches.

One thing i do do is job to my Muay Thai lessons, should dynamic stretching bedone before the jog or after?
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