Can the bow-legged do splits?

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Can the bow-legged do splits?

Postby agd7235 » Sep 11, 2008 22:15

I have "bow legs" (aka "knock knees") - meaning my knees point slightly inward (perhaps 5 or 7 degrees) - when both feet are pointed forward.

Mr. Kurz discusses the implications of the condition of Coxa Vara on one's ability to do front and side splits. While useful to note, this is a somewhat rare condition (affecting about 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 35,000 - depending on the study), and it generally does not go undiagnosed, as it typically results in pain or difficulty in walking.

The incidence of bow legs (genu varumis more common than Coxa Vara, and I am curious as to what this means for one's ability to do side splits. I am interested not only in learning whether the splits are possible, but also learning about the adjustments that should be made in performing stretches that involve the knees to avoid injury due to this condition.

I have successfully performed the side split test on p.110 of the 4th edition of Stretching Scientifically, but I have noticed that my knee hurts a bit when I attempt to keep both the knee and the foot pointed fully upwards.
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