knee problems / isometrics

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knee problems / isometrics

Postby roischnok » Sep 27, 2008 13:56


I had about 10 cm (for a longer time) left to a full side split before I found out about and your stretching methods.After only 3 weeks of following your advices from Secrets of Stretching and Stretching Scientifically, I got down to about 3-5 cm.So first of all thanks for your work :)

So far so good.. now my problem are my knees.I get some knee pain when doing isometric stretching in this deep position the day after.I don't get sore from isometric stretching, so I thought my muscles are strong enough.(I'm doing martial arts since several years including deep stances and so on).Only my knees...
I've read in your book, that I have to strengthen the muscles to stabilize my weak knees.
Now my question is, is it okay to continue the isometrics besides the strength exercises?
Might sound stupid to you but it doesnt really hurt that much, more like a light pain and I don't really want to stop the exercises if not necessary.

By the way, forgive me my english.It's my second language :)

Sorry, sounded like my question is only directed to Mr.Kurz
Of course everyone is welcome to answer.Probably some others here with this problem? weak knees?
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