Good Schedule to Increase Flexibility?

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Good Schedule to Increase Flexibility?

Postby sarcazmo » Nov 16, 2008 16:26

Hello all, first post!

Some background info, I'm twenty five years old and fairly athletic. I try to mountain bike 30-50 miles a week, work out 2-3 times a week and also practice brazilian jiu jitsu 2-3x a week.

Over the past few years I have really let my flexibility lapse... I cant even touch my toes anymore! In fact, I can get no where near touching my toes and its quite depressing to me. I've gone to see a physical therapist (supposedly I have the tightest hamstrings and lower back hes seen on someone my age) and he gave me some excercises to do, but I don't have the disposable income to continue going to get corrections etc.

I recently purchased stretching scientifically and it was a real eye opener. It definitely got me thinking about creating a routine that would effectively work, but I want to make sure I understand what the book is telling me.

My biggest concern right now is lower back/hamstring flexibility. I was thinking something like:

Dynamic stretching every morning after waking up and then again several hours later.
What speed/intensity are these done at? Started slow and then faster? 3 sets of 15 ok?

2-3 workouts a week focused on legs. Squats, and lots of cable resisted movements for my legs followed by one or two isometric excercises for low back/hamstrings, followed by static stretching at the very end.

These are done 2-5 times with as many tensions necessary to reach full extension each time correct?

Im sad to admit that some of the lower back excercises I simply cannot do due to lack of flexibility i.e. forward bends. Any other suggestions?

I really have three goals. First, I want to be able to touch my toes. Secondly Id love to be able to put my palms on the floor. Third, eventually Id love to be able to do the side splits.

Does the above seem like an ok way to help me achieve my first goal?

PS I'm planning on buying the DVD, just dont have the cash for it yet.
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