this is my limit rom of hip joints?

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this is my limit rom of hip joints?

Postby isometric_max » May 14, 2010 04:36

i have a question about of my hips rom...
when i perform the tactical frog stretch (reverse butterfly stretch) description of the exercise: start position: sit on my heel and i go forward
middle position: when I go forward open and push my hips out of the socket push to the immaginary wall my hips and knee are in straight line end position: the the hips and gluteus are beyond my knee close to the ground.
in the middle position the most similar to the side split my hips/groin
i can't be closed with the floor and remains a distance of about 8.7 Inch
this is my limit rom of hip joints?
or I can go beyond?

thanks for everything
Max italy
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