Stretching for too long during post-workout?

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Stretching for too long during post-workout?

Postby REG » Jan 04, 2011 19:25

I have already been practicing Mr. Kurz's stretching methods for at least few weeks now. So, after the end of a good workout I do about few relaxed stretches, like about 2 for the hamstrings and 2 for the adductors, 4 sets or reps for each stretch, and take a break for about a minute in between those sets or reps. In Mr. Kurz's stretching book, he says that when doing relaxed stretches, you first get into the stretch position and wait for the initial resistance to disappear, then stay in the final position of the stretch for 30 seconds before getting out of the the stretch position entire; therefore, you actually spend a total of at least 45 seconds to a minute per rep or set of a stretch. Right? So that would mean, it would take about 7-8 minutes to complete 4 sets or reps of a particular relaxed stretch, or even double that amount of time if you did stretches where you switch legs like relaxed lying hamstring stretches. This would thus mean it would take about at least 28-30 minutes if not more to be completed with your entire relaxed stretch session after a workout (or a warm-up session). As a result, it does take about an half-hour to an hour for me to complete all of those relaxed stretches. Still is that way too long?
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