ROM in a barbell squat?

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ROM in a barbell squat?

Postby Jamus » Jan 30, 2011 19:38

Hi Everyone, I haven't made too many posts here as of yet because I am new but I am just curious about some things regarding the conditioning of the legs.
Maybe Some of you who have achieved front and side splits using the methods in Stretching Scientifically can help me out.Prehaps this has been asked here before but it's a question about specifically about squats, unless I missed a post about it here on the forums somewhere or in the book. By doing squats throughout a Full range of motion in order to strenghten the legs for isometrics does it mean I am required to lower my body below my knees in a barbell squat so my butt is practically touching the floor? or is ok to lower only until my legs are parallel with the floor? I am just trying to get this straightened out before I do anything because I don't want to risk an injury to my knees. If anyone could help me out that would be awesome! thank you.
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Re: ROM in a barbell squat?

Postby Thomas Kurz » Feb 01, 2011 13:31

Read the article on squats at
and view the video on squats at
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Re: ROM in a barbell squat?

Postby REG » Apr 03, 2011 19:02

Mr. Kurz, I understand from your articles and books that when doing any exercise during the main part of your workout, such as the barbell squat, it is always best to do them within the fullest range of motion possible in order to improve both dynamic and static flexibility or maintain excellent flexibility. Yet, I have also seen the entire video of Power High Kicks with No Warm-Up! and in it, Mac demonstrates barbell squats doing the parallel squat version. Also, I see yourself in the video doing some 45-to-90 degree squats. I am confused. Why do you guys show us those variation of squats, when you already explained in your articles and books that doing exercises in a short or half range motion would compromise your flexibility especially for the splits (both front and side splits)? I am anxious to start doing squats in my workouts, but when planning for long-term conditioning in strength, endurace, and flexibility, etc, I am uncertain as to when and which other variation(s) of squats will be okay to do in the future without compromising my flexibility as a martial artist. Please let me know soon as soon as you can. Thanks!
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