180 or above side split

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180 or above side split

Postby chris wright » May 07, 2004 00:48

Posted: Thu May 06, 2004 5:35 pm Post subject: what is full side split degree wise ( 180 or higher)


hello, to all of you..
i have had the book, stretching scientifically( printing 3), by mr.kurz, for quite some time...and i have been able to do the side splits ( in the manner of toes pointing up) for a very long time, to where my thighs can touch to the wall when my back is against the wall...my question is, when is it considerd a full split?? what is the degree, 170-180-or more???
i could not find the answer in the book.
also i am thinking about getting the new fourth edition, is it "better"???
any help would be great.
thank you all for your time

chris wright
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