Weight Lifting for Increasing Upper Body Flexibility...

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Weight Lifting for Increasing Upper Body Flexibility...

Postby richtera » Mar 31, 2012 07:43

What kind of weight lifting simulates a bench press that I can do without a spotter? I like to go to the gym alone. I am trying to develop my upper body. I am an extreme novice and know nothing about weight lifting. I would like to do an exercise that develops the chest. But I don't like to work out with anyone else because the weight lifters scare me. I don't need someone pushing me to do something that will hurt myself. And I don't want to be humiliated because I have trouble lifting the bar without the weights.
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Re: Upper Body Strength

Postby Thomas Kurz » Apr 02, 2012 07:32

The best alternative to a bench press is a push-up. But before you begin doing many push-ups and increasing their difficulty, you should make sure doing them is safe for you. To do so, go through all the tests and exercises shown in the movies listed below. Do every exercise shown there until you have the perfect score on every test. When you do, you will be ready to push-ups, pull-overs, pull-ups, and other exercises for strengthening chest and shoulders.

the same as:
Posture Self Test - Floor Angel

the same as:
Psoas Stretch Test For Back Pain, Hip Pain, And More

the same as:
Reverse CPS Now! Self Tests For Deep Core Amnesia

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