29 year old male and very INFLEXIBLE - need help!

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29 year old male and very INFLEXIBLE - need help!

Postby chrys » May 22, 2012 12:50

I am 29 year old male, 5 feet 10 inches height, living a very sedentary lifestyle. Don't play any sports (didn't play any growing up either). I recently started going to the gym and I noticed that I am among the least flexible person out there in the gym

For example:
1. My hamstrings are so tight that I am unable to touch my toes. Neither seated nor standing. I can bring my hands near my ankle but that's the max.
2. My groin and hips are so tight that I am still 2 feet off the ground while trying to perform splits.
3. My ankle is so tight that when I do squats, I am unable to stay grouded. My heels are lifted up and I end up on my toes.

So, I really need help in making my body more flexible. Ideally, I'd like to be able to:
-> do full-splits (actually, I'd be happy even if I can get to a level where I am still 6 inches off the ground)
-> do perform ham string stretches (such as bending and touching the ground with my palms, not just toes, without feeling a lot of strain). I see some people do seated hamstring stretches. Not only are they able to touch their toes but they also put their head on their knees!
-> I would like to be able to kick higher than waist level. I tried Kickboxing classes. And most folks kick to their opponent's "chest" height. I kick to opponent's waist height. If I use a lot of force/momentum, I am able to increase the height of my kick but my kick becomes very "powerless". So even if I hit the bag with a higher kick, the bag barely moves.

1. Is it something Thomas Kurz's DVD/Book can help with? I haven't purchased the book/video yet. I want to know if it's the right product in the first place.
2. How many minutes of daily exercises would I be required to do? I have access to gym and I guess I could take DVD in a portable DVD player and just watch it and follow the instructions there. Is it like a P90X guided training video?
3. How long before I see noticeable gains? The website says 2 days to couple of weeks. But that sounds ambitious.
4. Are there any more DVD/Books (other than Thomas Kurz) for this as well?
**5. ** Is there an actual "instructor"/teacher that I can go to and exercise with everyday for this? I am not a big fan of "do it yourself" or "follow the video". I prefer exercising with a good teacher/supervisor/instructor.

Will appreciate your help and comments!
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