Hip Clicking

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Hip Clicking

Postby Tag » Oct 10, 2012 15:07

Hey Folks, this forum seems very quiet. Not Hopeful for reply but will give a go.

When I Chamber my roundhosue kick with the left leg, the left hip clicks. When I retract my leg with the left roundhouse kick the left hip cracks. When i extend left leg with Front Push Kick the left hip cracks. When I do adductor flys and bring left leg down to a certain point he hip cracks. With left leg dyanmic leg raise the left hip cracks. Causes no real pain, but surely this isnt good, there is a slight soreness though. Im worried this will affect my split training, as I find the click distrubing and surely its not right.

Few suggestions have been snapping hip syndrome and loose tissue around the joint. What do you peps think, be grateful for any feedback.
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