Hip ache when stretching the adductors.........

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Hip ache when stretching the adductors.........

Postby Darren Keynes » May 27, 2004 14:26

I have the 3rd edition of Stretching Scientifically.On page 89 while performing the 1st stretch shown at the top of the page I get a dull aching deep in the right side buttock ( possibly behind the hip joint ).It feels a bit uncomfortable but doesn't exactly hurt.Also I don't really feel the adductors stretching that much either!
When I swap the stretch to the left leg everything is fine.I feel a good stretch in the adductors with no ackward feeling in that buttock.

I have chosen this position of stretching as it is very easy to perform.I find that I can't stand with my legs spread sideways for too long due to pain in my heels (Heel Spur).
But this problem seems to be stopping me from progressing stretching the adductors in the right leg.

Does anyone know that is going on here?
Is this the forum where Mr Kurz sometimes answers the questions himself?
Darren Keynes
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