Side splits and hip pain

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Side splits and hip pain

Postby matrix » Apr 24, 2014 07:34

Hi! I'm following the Flexibility Express program for 1 week so far. When i do the isometric 7 step squats i feel a lot of pain in my hips. But when i try to lean my trunk forward and push my hips back, i can't really squat very deep if any. The next problem is that i can't reach that very wide 7 step stance like Kurz's. How can i solve these problems and eventually reach the ground without any pain?
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Re: Side splits and hip pain

Postby Thomas Kurz » Apr 24, 2014 10:45

Make sure you can pass the flexibility potential test for the side split. If not, then perhaps your hip joints are not up to it. If yes, then wait with 7-step squat until in the 5-step squat your hips will be well below your knees.
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