Flexibility Express - Little Progress in months

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Flexibility Express - Little Progress in months

Postby calltorock » Nov 16, 2014 20:27

Earlier in the year I decided to focus on my flexibility training so I was doing Flexibility Express 3x a week... the first video was taken after 3 weeks of that. Obviously I'm pretty challenged in the hips, but after passing the tests for side splits I thought I just needed to train hard for months and I'll make enough progress to keep me motivated. I made the 2nd video today, and as you can see even after 5 months... not much has changed. I thought it was all in my head and that I'd be amazed at the difference in videos but my side split looks equally pathetic. Obviously what I'm doing isn't getting the results, so what do I need to tweak? Focus more on adductor flies? Isometric for minutes instead of pulses and then a 30 second hold? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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