Adductors, need help

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Adductors, need help

Postby traveler2k10 » Apr 15, 2015 14:28

I am new to the Kurz methods and I have pretty good flexibility with front and rear dynamic stretches. I also have pretty good front flexibility in general, but not side. When I try to do side dynamic I have very little flexibility and I have to be very careful not to overstretch to the point of feeling pain. Plus I just tried to start doing adductor flyes and I have very little ROM and I am very weak. I also feel some pain and have little flexibility when doing butterflys.

I know my legs are somewhat weak in general as I am coming off of partial knee replacement. Based on pretty good, calf, hamstring, and thigh flexibility it seems I need to work my adductor strength and flexibility. Are there any other potential areas I need to work or test for issues?

I am a long time martial artist, but I have always had side flexibility issues which have limited my sidekicks and roundhouse kicks so being able to finally pinpoint my problem would be very helpful. With that said I have always had good front flexibility and used to be able to do front splits, but I have never been close to doing full splits.
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