Just bought flexbility express...again

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Just bought flexbility express...again

Postby JonFrost » Sep 30, 2015 15:29

I either lost or accidentally threw away my previous copy, although I wasn't working with it. Thanks to the sale today I ordered it again along with Power High Kicks, which I have purchased at least twice before. I find it very inspirational for my martial arts training. I am a martial artist for 21 years but still struggling with my flexibility. I am about 6 inches from full side splits, and have been for years. I am going to re-commit to the flexibility express program and see if I can make some real changes. I am 43 years old and am very inspired by you, Mr. Kurz. I hope you will be putting some more of your training videos on youtube. They are always inspiring. Thank you.

Jon Frost
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