high leg raises to the side or side kicks

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high leg raises to the side or side kicks

Postby paradigm » Sep 11, 2016 23:37

I am a 40 years old but still young man and I'm not an athlete and started to do some training just for my healthy and not for any specific sport.
I am reading "stretching scientifically" and have watched "Flexibility Express" and "Secrets of Stretching" and read almost all the related articles in this site.

My training routine :
I do dynamic stretches in the morning and evening.
In the evening after warm up I do "Strengthen my hands and wrists by crumpling papers", "bending the wrist while holding a one-sided dumbbell in a
hammer grip and in an ice-pick grip" and then do as many Hindu squat as I can and at the end I do abdomen crunches. and because I think my strength training is not intense I do slow running like jagging about 1 km ( I decided to increase it 50 m every day).
I do this every day except the weekend.( I mean 6 day workout and 1 day rest: because of light workout)( I am not sure is it good to do 6 days workout
for a beginner, I do 6 days because I think my training is light although i get tired after that because I am just starting training but some days I am tired
because of mentality reason or maybe physically some times, and I don't want to do training. please give me some hint about this.)

Question no.1:
In the dynamic stretches, I can do Leg raise to the side of comfortable kind.

but I can not do Leg raise to the side useful for martial art ( the advanced version):

Outside of my hips hurts and as you mentioned I try to tilt my pelvis forward, but still hurts me, and because of this I stopped training till I become well.
I passed all the flexibility tests and I read your article about the relationship between age and flexibility. but still want to know is there anything to do to overcome
this issue or this is normal an I can not do anything.

Question no.2:
I go to sleep at 10 or 11 pm and wake up 3 or 4 am.( and of course I have siesta for about 30 m in the noon). when I should do early morning dynamic stretches? at 3 or 4 am ! or wait some hours and for example at 6 or 7 or 8 after the sun rise do them?

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