statics and isometrics

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statics and isometrics

Postby Rodger » Aug 08, 2004 11:01

Hi everyone. Can i do dynamics , (after training when i do weight trainings) with statics to get the stretch out more before i do isometrics? just so then im building a more longer muscle fro the memory. I wont do statics before i train.....its just so i can get down further to get better results. And also if im not training and im just statice stretching at hime for a while an after is it ok to do isometrics. Ofcourse before i do anything I will do dymics and really warm up.
And before when i was 17 18 i was beyon the splits in the front and not quite to the floor in the middle. I did static stretches with a partner and pushed to the ground while they pushed m leg up to the kick and i tenced the muscles at the sme time..I dont anymore..I dotn have any muscle injuries becasue i follow your work very closely but im not that flexlible now... is it becasue in those days i stretched like that and now have to do it all over the right way? or what you do in the past have a negative effect in the future even if you could do the splits and even if you do it the right way now?? Thanks you for your information.
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