Answer to floating email

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Answer to floating email

Postby kiwisting » May 01, 2005 20:53

I recieved this email from STADION but I am unsure to who it is originally from.

Hi im 38 and im doing relax stretchings. I cant do weight stuff because i have bad knees. I want to get where i can do side splits. I think kick boxing is cool so i want to do execises where i can kick box. Do i need to do other exercises then just relax or should i just do relax execises. I wish i could do squats and other weight exercises. how long would it take to get to a side split if i just do relax stretching or if i need to do other stretches for kick boxing since i cant do weight execises. How many years do you think it would take to get to a side split.

For starters, by disregarding all strength exercises for your legs (because of bad knees) is not helping your situation at all. If you have had a major injury sustained to your knees then slight resistance exercises are incorperated to help build the strength required for everyday activities. I suggest you speak to a GOOD sports trainer for the right exercises, as I do not know the full details of your knee problems.

Also, you do not need to be an olympic power lifter to build strength in your muscles. I have worked with physically disabled elderly and incorperated resistance training with them in order to maintain their mobility. Resistance training is important even if you are not an athlete!

Is your aim to be a Kickboxer or be able to do splits?
My question may be blunt but it is honest. I have only achieved full side splits twice and have currently lost the full split. I still get to a foot above the floor but I have also stopped training! I achieved my split through Tom's advice and I was already educated with Human Anatomy and Physioligy. Tom taught me things that I never knew so do not disregard his lessons.

Using the isometrc approach is a healthy way to increase you flexibility and strength at the same time. If your aim is to practice kickboxing, then you may not need high kicks or splits but you will need stronger knees, trust me! It may take years to achieve full splits but it is not about how cool we can look.

Your Kickboxing instructor, if worthy, should back up every comment I have made regarding this issue and I do hope it is of some help in your training.

It is good to see you taking up Kickboxing at 38 years of age as I retired at 28, from the ring. I now train fighters in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand and had a 10 year career in Thai boxing. Our gym used to follow traditional stretching tecniques in the past but over the past few years we have incorperated Tom's methods for our fighters and we have some good ones. World champions, stadium champs and a K1 max fighter. I also hold my Masters in Athletic performance and specialised in training fighters for combat sports!

It is hard and alot of people are skeptical of Stretching Scientifically and the methods but it works. Alot of people I have spoken to are annoyed because they cannot achieve full splits yet. But those same people seem to me as ignorant to their own training methods and/ or the reasons to why they are stretching. My aim to get full splits was to trial the exercises for myself. I could only do splits twice like I said ealier but I still was able to kick head high with ease and won most of my fights. I do hope you engage in some form of resistance training to help your knees.

Good Luck
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