Need help with Strength/Stretches for Splits/High Kicks.

Post questions and tips on making your stretches or your whole flexibility training most effective.

Need help with Strength/Stretches for Splits/High Kicks.

Postby Cyan » Jul 11, 2007 00:16

I have the Fourth Edition of Stretching Scientifically, but the information is not exactly all in the places you need it, so here's my questions:

1) What all strength (weight lifting) exercises are best for developing maximum lower body flexibility? I train in Xtreme Martial arts/Gymnastics/Acrobatics 4-5 days a week and it's frustrating that after 2-3 years of it, I'm still no where near my maximum potential in the flexibility department. Help with this question is probably the most important.

2) Same as above, but what are all the best stretches for developing maximum flexibility for Very High kicks, as well as Front and Side Splits? This seems to be as important as the above question.

My training is limited by my Lower Body Flexibility (which like I said is nowhere near what I would like) so detailed information for the above would help drastically... My progression is at a standstill.

P.S. - I bought a Barbell and 100 lbs worth of weight plates a month or 2 ago, so that's what I'd be using for the weight lifting aspect.


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