My stretching routine

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My stretching routine

Postby SimonMT » Aug 23, 2007 16:03

I'm a thai boxer, been doing it for a year or so and have some good solid kicks, to the waist and below, all my high kicks aren't that strong, a lot of the power that is there comes purely from my size, i'm 6'5" and 240lbs. My flexibility is ok but could be so much better, which is why i purchased the Stretching Scientifically book and posting on this forum.

I've had a quick read through the book and am going to continue reading through it with more detail over the next few days but i've come up with my own routine and would love crits.

Sunday to Friday morning, right after getting up i'll do Dynamic Stretches

Front, Side and Rear Leg raises 5 sets of 15 per leg after a warm up

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday as warm up to Muay Thai, front, side and rear leg raises, 3 sets of 10 but should i also do Isometric exercises as well. As a warm down afterwards, i was going to do the relaxed stretches.

On Wednesday evening, i do a heavy leg day at the gym i.e. weighted squats, leg raises and leg curls. 4 sets of 8, 6, 4, 2 reps, increasing weight with each set.

Friday evening was going to be a second group of dynamic stretches followed by some relaxed stretches.

How does that look, would you recommend anything else, if it's completely wrong then please be completely honest but recommend a different routine.

Saturday morning i would do nothing and just do pure cardio on a Saturday evening.
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