Tests for side splits

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Tests for side splits

Postby chris.enfield » Nov 11, 2007 00:29

I have been training in martial arts for over 5 years, and although my instructors methods may not be perfect, many of my peers have seen improvements where as I have not so I turned to stretching scientifically. I have been following a plan I constructed from Mr Kurz's book for over a month

Firstly I'm not desperate to achieve full splits but just to improve my flexibility enough to perform kicks with correct form, however I do not pass the splits test detailed at the back of stretching scientifically, is this likely only to be a problem as my flexibility progresses? or only when I near side or front splits?

Secondly could anyone suggest any exercises to strengthen my inner thighs, i have seen the exercise on the video, flies performed with the legs while lying on the back, however my flexibility is so low that even when performed through my full ROM my legs don't even reach 45degrees and so the exercise is very easy, I can perform 100 without feeling strain.

My last question relates to the Horse Stance as a method of Isometric training, the book instructs to "pinch or squeeze" the floor, does this mean you try and force your thighs together or force your body towards the floor? or a mixture of both?

Thanks in advance, any other tips would be greatly appreciated, I'm struggling with my training atm having tried different methods yet seen little improvement in the last 3 years

Thanks Again

Chris Enfield
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