Roudhouse Kick; Mierzejewski vs. Kurz

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Roudhouse Kick; Mierzejewski vs. Kurz

Postby del » Sep 03, 2008 17:03

Based on watching the two Stadion DVDs, “Power High Kicks with No Warmup” and “Clinic on Stretching and Kicking with Ton Kurz” it appears to me that Mr. Mierzejewski and Mr. Kurz have two different ways of performing a roundhouse kick.

It looks like Mr. Mierzenjewski uses a Shotokan Karate or Mui Tai kickboxing style roundhouse kick. See

However, Mr. Kurz seems to use a “Korean” style kick. See

To those that have watched the DVDs, does my analysis above see accurate?

I would also be interested in any thoughts anyone had comparing and contrasting the advantages, disadvantages, strengths, and weaknesses of these two kicking styles.

Finally, my objective is not to offend anyone’s Martial Arts style, so if labeling of the kicks above is offensive to anyone I apologize in advance.
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