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vertical kick

Postby vonteus » Apr 21, 2005 05:13

searching in the web I saw some martial artists making vertical kicks (both side and roundhouse kick). My question is: how can one do a vertical kick? Is the body alignment the same of a "normal" high roundhouse or side kick?
I improve the heigh of my kick with Kurtz method and dynamic stretching now I have no problem with high roundhouse and side kick. But vertical seems impossible (I don't want to say this word, though).
Can somebody help me?
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Postby dragon » Apr 21, 2005 06:03

By vertical do you mean performing a side kick for example,so the leg points straight up?(so it would look like the splits turned on it's side?)

If so,then i would say the body alignment is the same apart from more leaning of the upper body to counter balance yourself.

As for how to do it:-
Without being able to perform such an extreme ROM kick myself i can only speculate.
I'd say that your ability in the splits has to very advanced.Even though it's dynamic stretching that helps you to perform kicks,the maximum ROM during isometric splits would give you strength and flexibility to drive your leg upwards instead of forwards.

The only benefit i can see to performing such a kick would be for displays/exibitions.
If you're performing a kick far above your own head then it would be far above your opponents too.

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Postby wynnema » Apr 21, 2005 11:54

You need dynamic flexibility but you also need to be able to do the splits as dynamic flexibilty is limited by static flexiblity.

Try tricks tutorials forum, there is plenty of info. Like dragon said there isnt much point. I would focus on getting your kicks over your opponents head and then work on increasing the power at that height.
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Postby vonteus » Apr 26, 2005 13:57

Thanks al lot (I will tell you when I do a vertical kick)
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