Hip joints

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Hip joints

Postby dannyboy » Aug 18, 2005 16:22

Hi all,

One thing I am noticing with my kickboxing training is that when I try to kick above belt height from a standing position (as opposed to sparring) I seem to get some discomfort in my hip joints. It feels like it is the joints that are stopping me from kicking higher as the muscles in my leg are fine. I do twist my rear foot around to get the correct position but still get this discomfort. It is like a dull ache but goes as soon as my leg is lower.

When I am sparring my kicks do go higher but I imagine this is due to dynamics of the movements.

Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this discomfort. Am I lacking strength in my hip joints? If so how can I strengthen them?

Thinking a bit more about it I am wondering if it could be because my hip flexors are too tight. Would this cause the discomfort I am feeling?
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Postby mmeloon » Aug 19, 2005 00:12

Which kick gives you difficulty? I don't know anything about kickboxing so I don't know if there are any kicks other than the roundhouse.

Where is the pain in your hips? You mention the hip flexors. Does this mean the pain in on the front of your hips?

Make sure you read this article. If the pain is on the side of your hips, it may be due to improper alignment.

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Postby dannyboy » Aug 19, 2005 08:14

The kick which I have most problems with is the roundhouse. I just cannot seem to get my leg high. The discomfort does originate from the front of the hips.
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Postby jrlefty » Aug 22, 2005 16:49

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