improving leg flexibilty for kicks

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improving leg flexibilty for kicks

Postby hb18 » Feb 08, 2006 19:25

my kung fu master showed my this kick, not sure on the name, but you stand sideways, turn 180 then swing round 360 whiles kicking, if that makes any sense, but i just cant get my leg to flex up to the required hight and legth, any ideas?

Postby dragon » Feb 09, 2006 06:40

Do you mean a spinning kick?
One reason i see trainees struggling with this technique is because they don't use enough "torque" when they spin.I guess each style is going to perform it slightly differently,but the best way to achieve full rotation is to turn your upper body before you initiate the kick(it doesn't have to be high).

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Postby hb18 » Feb 09, 2006 11:17

yea it oculd be a spinning kick, i can do it much better with my right leg than left, but ill have to try it with more torque and rotating my upper body before kicking, sounds good, i get kind of dizzy doing it tho, ahh well.


Postby mat » Feb 09, 2006 12:48

hb18 wrote:i get kind of dizzy doing it tho, ahh well.

My students sometimes have this problem. Instead of just spinning around, practise it more like a turn-and-kick movement. This helps you to keep your head & eyes focused on the target and reduces dizziness.

Dragon's suggestion of turning the upper body first will also help as it means your head and upper body will be facing the target for longer.

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