Pointing the knee in a roundhouse kick

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Pointing the knee in a roundhouse kick

Postby Harrison » Jun 29, 2006 15:18

Hi , first time on this forum so bear with me.

I wonder if someone can help me with this, when i perform a round house kick i can rotate my foot right round so its facing the opposite direction , but i find my knee is pointing too far to the left or right ( depending on which side i'm kicking from)
I know my knee should be pointing forward and when i extend the lower part of my leg it should arc round.

I understand from my instructor that my hips should be rotating when i turn but i cant seem to open my groin far enough and get my knee pointing in the correct position.

What , if any excercises can anyone suggest that would help me do this please, or will practicing this kick over and over again give me the answers i need.

thanks very much for any help

By the way i have been practicing tae kwon do for about 5 months now


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Postby dragon » Jul 01, 2006 04:33

Not quite sure what you mean but i'll offer some advice anyway.

1)Some styles perform their kicks differently.I've never studied Tae Kwon Do myself so i only have reference material.In The Complete Masters Kick by Master Hee Il Cho,it says(with regards to kicking with your right leg from a left fighting stance),"..push you right leg forward and counter-clockwise,turning your waist about 45 degrees......with your lower leg parallel to the floor.Your right knee should be facing slightly to the outside of your body.......Swing your waist another 45 degrees counter-clockwise,simultaneously turning the upper portion of your right leg..."

2)You say you can't open up your groin when you kick.To see if it's a flexibility issue,or a problem with your technique,practice the kick at a low height.

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Postby Harrison » Jul 04, 2006 10:55

Thanks for the reply Dragon.

I've practised the kick at low height and done it slowly also, i have no problem at all getting the right position for my knee and alighnment of hips and no problem extending the lower leg in an arc so i'm guessing it must just be a strengh and flexibiltiy thing i just need to do more stretching.

Perhaps i'm expecting too much of my self having only really just started, but hey, i'm an impatient bloke, it doesnt help when all the other grades are kicking way above their heads with such ease.

still looking at it another way, my journey has just begun and although i got a long way to go i can only get better, :D

thanks again

p.s i jst ordered Mr Kurz's dvd power high kicks and am hoping that this combined with my daily stretching routine will get me the results i crave

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