perfecting the side kick

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perfecting the side kick

Postby tapsells » Sep 16, 2006 09:42

Hi !

I am a new member here and loved reading the discussions on my favourite subject, martial arts.

I have never had any formal training in a dojo so to say and learned techniques crudely from the movies and books. I can perform all the basic kicks including roundhouse and spinning kicks and jumping spin kicks (made popular by Van Damme) etc. The only thing I could not yet train to do is have control in my side kick (again like Van Damme). My kick tends to fall down. ie. recoil is poor and my knees too don't go high. My side kick doesn't have that snap like that of Bruce Lee. It looks more like a John Saxon type heaving kick. Please recommend me some training tips so that I can correct this fault.

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Side Kick

Postby WTKD » Feb 19, 2007 14:44

I don't know what your flexibilty or condition is like, but i would recommend practicing your side kick at a lower height until your technique improves and then slowly start to increase the height. Don't rush.
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