shin conditioning

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shin conditioning

Postby Nate » Jun 29, 2004 22:53

Whats peoples thoughts on shin conditioning? From the literature I have read there is no evidence to show that one can increase the bone density and that methods use to condition the bone infact destroy the nerve endings. I do Shinkyokushinkai and live and train in Japan. Conditioning is the shins are thus an important component of our training. So I want to know if i am benefiting from the training or wasting my time.

Shin conditioning

Postby WAR-D » Aug 16, 2004 08:30

Conditioning to the shins are possible but it has to done slowly and with caution or sever damage can result.

How to proceed: The Horse riding stance can assist greatly in this area but with a slight difference to how most individuals do this stance.

1st - the feet must be parallel to each other, like train tracks and the thigh & lower leg should be at 90 degrees to each other yet the back is vertical. Walking forward whilst keeping the body at a constant level in the riding stance will develop muscles in the lower leg & thigh. The arms can be held in front parallel to the ground & 90 degrees to the body or on the waist. When taking the first step forward, the leg should circle in and then out to the width of your left shoulder if you move off with your right leg and right shoulder if you move off with your left leg.

2nd - using a partner for leg-to-leg contact using the various techniques in a form/kata whilst co-ordinating hands, legs and body movements. Ensure that the approximately weight /pressure applied at contact with shins/ back-of-leg/ side & inside leg is controlled and evenly balanced. Over hitting will result in damaged limbs, this is not the aim of this exercise. If these exercises are continued slowly and over a period of time, the body adjusts to the conditioning and greater pressure /strikes can be carried out until you are efficient in receiving and giving blows.

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