Resources for Eastern European combat training?

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Resources for Eastern European combat training?

Postby Uchimata » Jul 30, 2007 07:17

I am a long time customer and have used Stadion's books and videos to get to a high level of Judo, MMA and submission grappling competition.

I have been using general strength workouts for my entire career and as predicted in one of the articles on this site, they seem to have hit a point of diminishing returns. My general strength is quite high but i'm not seeing improvements in my sport and am just getting stronger in the lifts. It seems to be time to add in some sport specific exercises (I do have some specific weaknesses to address).

Many years ago I saw Waldemar Legien's judo video and he used some very creative and novel exercises though I wouldn't want to use his exercises blindly. The exercises in your "Explosive Power" book are also quite good but I don't need to jump or run.

Are there any resources available that demonstrate Eastern European combat sports exercises? Wrestling, Judo and Boxing would all be useful.

North American athletes mindlessly go through uchikomi, sandbag and kettlebell training that in no way resemble the sports techniques they want to improve and I'd like to get away from that trap.

Anything would help, it doesnt even have to be in English.

Thank you for your time.
- Eric Sobieski
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Resources for Eastern European combat training?

Postby Thomas Kurz » Aug 10, 2007 17:18

The book Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports teaches how to develop power in arms, trunk, and legs. It does show many exercises stressing mainly arms and trunk, especially those for martial arts and combat sports (boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and Judo).

There are many such resources but most of them are not very well illustrated--because they are aimed at coaches who know all the sport-specific exercises and are more interested in the planning and control of the training process. I mean that the books show the exercises but only someone familiar with the training methods would know how to do them right.

My general advice is to increase the variety of all types of exercises you do--this usually raises the level of overall athletic ability, including its sport-specific applications. So more fancy lifts (multiplane and duplicating force application in grappling techniques), t&f throws and jumps, complex bodyweight exercises, etc., instead of a few familiar lifts. For ideas, see Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports.

The most effective and thus popular sport-specific strength exercises for judo/grappling are pulls (kuzushi alone) and fit-ins (kuzushi+tsukuri) with bungee cords or inner tubes like those Legien shows, and practice of fit-ins and throws with a wrestling dummy.
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