Training motivation

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Training motivation

Postby MrG » Mar 01, 2004 00:56

What are peoples thoughts on, and methods for, staying motivated to train hard for their sports?

I started training in TKD two years ago as a physical challenge. I had never been involved seriously in any sports until then. It's been great, and a real confidence booster, but I have never really excelled at it.

I have decided that I do not want to be just average at the sport, and I know it will take a lot of hours of practice to get there, but to date I haven't put in the hard yards. What mental change do I need to make to go from average to good?

How do elite athletes stay so focused for so long? What drives them?

Is it a unique personality trait, or do they use mental techniques that the average person doesn't?

Anyone know?

Postby ucrhai007 » Mar 07, 2004 19:34

I don't think becoming better mentally has to do anything with personal trait. I believe has to do more with desire. Not just I would like to desire, but I am going out to do my best. I am like you when it comes to this kind of situation. However, I try to find a focus/goal in mind to keep me going. I think you just to have a set goal in mind; try to find a real desire that makes you go far. Athletes have a great desire for their sport. Players that want to win, train to win of their best ability. I hope i am not being redundant, but I think as long as you have a desire/goal in mind you will find ways to pull the extra yards.
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