mental stress (overcomming fear)

Post questions and tips on dealing with mental state before and during a martial arts or sports performance, such as prestart emotions, entering the “zone” or peak performance state, and control of concentration.

mental stress (overcomming fear)

Postby redqueen » Aug 04, 2004 14:32

i am testing for my blue belt on saturday, and i have trained as much as i possibly can on the physical level, but now i am worried about the mental strain. The test is several hours long (around 4 or 5 hours) and i will need mental endurance. My problem is that i am terrified of this test and have been dreading it for months. I thought that if i trained hard enough then i would become confident in my ability, but im still scared stiff. I dont do well under pressure, and i often, mess up when i know that i am being watched by a sensei or teacher. There is allot of pressure on me to pass this, and lots of people will be there watching and cheering me on. So i am just so worried that I am going to fail or freaze in the middle of a kada. Does anyone have any tips for helping me overcome my fear?, anything would help.

Postby Guest » Jan 26, 2005 13:07

I have found just getting started on a project eliminates fear.Ex.I agreed to paint the high part of my aunt's house.The day came to do it and I stood looking at it and asking myself what had I gotten into.Finally,I realized I just had to start by getting paint on it somewhere and I did that and the job got done as people show up to help that I had'nt counted on!
Hope this helps,

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